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CM Punk The world best fighter

CM Punk 

His real name is Phillip Jack Brooks. He bore in October 26-1978 in Chicago (USA). His ring name is CM Punk. He started his career in 1999 and announced retirement in 2014.
He is a keen fan of the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Clubs. In his spare time, he reads and collects comics. He once worked for a shop named All American Comics and cites Preacher as his favorite comic. He is close friends with professional wrestlers Colt Cabana (whom he met when he trained at Steel Domain Wrestling) and Cliff Compton, as well as rancid vocalist Lars Frederickson (who was interviewed by WWE for their documentary CM Punk: Best in the World).
Punk genuinely wanted to be a wrestler and saw it as more than simple fun. When the promotion started taking off, doing spot shows out of a warehouse in Mokena, Illinois, Punk found out that his brother Mike had embezzled thousands of dollars from the small company, causing them to become estranged. Punk's first venture into wrestling was a stint in a backyard wrestling federation called the Lunatic Wrestling Federation with his friends and brother Mike Brooks in the mid-late 1990.
Initially  Punk joined ‘Ring of Honor’ as a face  but quickly became a heel in a feud with Raven that featured numerous variants of no disqualification matches. Their rivalry lasted most of 2003 and was considered one of ‘Ring of Honor’s top feud of the year  and was based around Punk's straight-edge lifestyle  with him likening Raven to his alcoholic father.
He made his debut on 2005 in a dark match, where he, Nigel McGuiness and Paul were defeated by Deuce Shade, Elijah Burke and Seth Sky fire.
After having lasted until the final four  , Kane  who was already eliminated earlier in the match by Punk, eliminated Punk from the outside and proceeded to choke slam him through the announcer's table. In a December 2014 interview  Punk explains why he left WWE in 2014. On the same day, Punk thanked his fans without mentioning WWE. Punk claimed that he was never ever going to return to wrestling.

Real name : Phillip Jack Brooks

Date of Birth : 26-10-1978

From : America

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