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7 Serious Diseases Caused by Stress

 7 Diseases Caused by Stress

1 Stress Related Disease Alzheimer’s

Recent studies carried out by researchers in Finland, has linked Alzheimer’s to being one of the diseases caused by stress. When under stress our blood pressure increases as our heart beats faster, and the amount of Cortisol that our bodies produce, dramatically increases. It’s part of the natural “fight or flight” syndrome. On a limited basis this causes no adverse side effects. However with persistent stress, the same flight or flight reflex is activated, meaning that the levels of Cortisol in the bloodstream are higher all the time that the stress is in evidence.
Recent Finnish research (reported in the British Daily Mail newspaper) found that subjects with elevated blood pressure and Cortisol levels were three times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. In subjects who experienced either elevated blood pressure or higher Cortisol levels independently over long periods of time, they were found to be twice as likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s, than people with normal blood pressure or normal levels of Cortisol

2 Stress Related Disease Asthma

There are a number of studies that show that stress can actively worsen asthma. In fact, some studies have indicated that any chronic stress felt by the child’s parents, may increase the risk of that child actually developing asthma him/herself. Research carried out on children who were sensitive to air pollution, and who either had stressed out parents, or had mothers who smoked, were shown to have a markedly significantly higher chance of developing asthma.
With someone who has persistent asthma, (and especially in children), fear of the onset of another asthma attack often induces more stress. This in turn, causes an actual attack. It creates a vicious circle, and one that can only be addressed by the removal of the stress, which may require medical intervention.
3 Stress Related Disease Heart Disease
It has long been hypothesized that people exhibiting a Type “A” Behavioral Pattern (TABP) are more prone to develop high blood pressure and heart disease. It is already well recognized that stress brought about through strong emotional responses can trigger heart attacks. It is well documented, for example, that in case of natural disasters (such as the recent Typhoo in The Philippines) the incidence of death through heart attack climbs strongly after the event of the disaster itself.

4 Stress Related Disease Diabetes

Stress can adversely affect people suffering from diabetes in two distinct ways. The first way is indirect, as it can result in unhealthy eating and uncontrolled drinking, both of which pose threats to blood sugar levels.
In the second instance it appears that stress is also able to raise the levels of glucose in the bloodstream of people with Type 2 diabetes.

5 Stress Related Disease Depression and Anxiety

Depression anxiety is another of the diseases caused by stress. We’ve already discussed the fact that stress triggers the fight or flight syndrome. One of the effects of this syndrome is to close down the digestion system and divert the blood instead, to the brain and the muscles, in preparation for flight or fight. With prolonged stress this can, in time, cause inflammation in the gut, which in turn allows toxins to get into the bloodstream. This triggers an immune-inflammatory response, which then releases Cytokines. When these get to the brain, they trigger inflammation in the area that is responsible for mood. This creates depression and anxiety.

6 Stress Related Disease Obesity

When under stress, our bodies release of a molecule known as Neuropeptide Y – or NPY for short. This molecule is able to interfere with certain receptors in our fat cells, resulting in them increasing, both in size and in number. Dr Herbert Hertzog who works at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney (Australia), stated that their research has now established the precise way in which obesity has become one of the diseases caused by stress.

7 Stress Related Disease Headache

Tension headaches are also known as stress headaches. Over one third of the adult population here in the USA suffers regularly from them. They are usually characterized by pain on both sides of the head, which manifests itself in a feeling tightness in the forehead, and/or around the back of the neck. Most people, (including those in the medical profession), believe one of the causes of tension headache to be stress. Whilst being unpleasant they are not necessarily the debilitating.

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