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12 Tongue Symptoms | what does your tongue say about your health? Lets start out

what does your tongue say about your health? Lets start out with : Bright Red Tongue

For clues about problems in your mouth, stick out your tongue and look in the mirror. A healthy tongue should be pink and covered with small nodules (papillae). Any deviation from your tongue’s normal appearance, or anypain, may be cause for concern.
Family physician Daniel Allan, MD, discusses why you should watch for changes that might need to be evaluated by a doctor or dentist.

2. Bright Red Tongue:

So, what does your tongue say about your health? Lets start out with : Bright Red Tongue
Bright red signify lack of nutrients like Vitamin B and Iron, heat in specific organs and sometimes as an allergic reaction.

2. Purple Tongue:

Purple Tongue:
Purple Tongue: may suggest you have chronic bronchitis and your body is not getting enough oxygen. Also it may show up when you have high cholesterol levels and poor circulation.

3. Yellow Tongue:

Yellow Tongue:
Pale looking tongue is a sign of low hemoglobin, fatigue and weakness. Problems with lungs and colon are also related to that pale looking color.

4. Black Tongue:

Black Tongue:
First of all take a deep breath as this black looking tongue is actually harmless. When too much bacteria is trapped the result looks like this.

5. White Tongue:

White Tongue:
Again - this is a result from bacteria growth on the tongue.

6. Red Tongue for kids :

Red Tongue for kids :
Kids with unusual red tongue should see a doctor as it is a sign of Scarlet fever and the Kawasaki disease.

7. Brown Tongue:

Brown Tongue:
Melanoma may give you brown tongue so see a doctor if you have it and you are reading this, as you are in a great risk.

8. Red Spots:

Red Spots:
Usually a sign of a deficiency in Vitamin C , a reaction to hot liquids and allergens.

9. Dryness:

When you are producing too much mucus this happen, try to cut down the milk and sugar.

10. Dryness #2 :

Dryness #2 :
Also - stress is related to dry tongue as it makes your salivary glands swell, if you have it, try drinking some lemon water and take some time to relax.

11. Swelling:

This is a sign of an allergy or infection. Look for a warm swelling looking place and check for sting or bite marks. See a doctor if you start developing breathing difficulties.

12. Which Tongue are you?

Which Tongue are you?

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