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Who doesn't love a day at the beach? The sea air, the sand, the waves...the snacks. Although the occasional hot dog or greasy fries won't kill you, they probably won't leave you feeling your best, either. We created a list of some portable snacks to tote along that will silence the call of the snack bar, give you plenty of energy to enjoy the day and keep you looking hot in your swimsuit. Enjoy!
Sure, you can buy popcorn at the snack bar. But the chances are it's that greasy stuff made with low-quality oil and waaaay too much salt. We say, pack your own, and make it a good brand, with cleaner ingredients. Skinny Pop is packed in a nut-free facility; a plus if anyone in your crew is allergic. 

If cheese puffs or cheese crackers are your thing, get ready: These little squares of cheesy orange deliciousness are going to rock your snacking world. They're made with a nut-and-seed flour blend (almonds and sunflower seeds), cassava (a root vegetable), organic cheddar and spices, so you can feel good about eating them. And they taste very similar to a far less clean cheesy brand of crackers that shall remain nameless. 

Chocolate Dipped Almond Butter Banana Bites
These chocolate dipped almond butter banana bites are a delicious and healthy treat perfect for any time of day! If you are looking for other healthy snack ideas, you may want to check out these  homemadelaraballs or these kid-friendly Greek yogurt bites!
The increased hunger that comes with breastfeeding (and probably just being a mom… Or woman in general!) is not to be messed with. The second night at the hospital when my milk came in, I was starving. I ate my hospital dinner… then David’s… then half the sushi David picked up for us. Whew!
Now as a mom of two, I’m relying on snacks to keep my energy up and milk supply strong as I tackle my days. Here are a few favorites I’ve been chowing down on recently.

Quick, Easy and Delicious Snacks


Almonds are my go-to snack. Not only is the CRUNCH so satisfying, but I also love the protein and fat that sticks around long after I down the handful (or two). My favorite continues to be Habanero BBQ, but I’ve found that the seasoning is a little spicy to have on my hands when I’m playing with a newborn, so I’ve really taken to the lightly salted. With just a little salt, they are the perfect middle ground between whole natural almonds and salted. Love!


Mom made several batches of deviled eggs while she was here and the fad continues! Not only are deviled eggs delicious, but they are packed with protein, which is often missing in so many snacky-type foods. Plus, the whole family loves them. You should see Hailey’s eyes light up at the mention of them. Not a deviled fan? Simply keeping boiled eggs in the fridge is a great way to nip hunger in the bud.


When I don’t have time to make my own, I’m a sucker for Sabra or Roots (locally made). It helps that they come in single serving sizes.
…please don’t burst my bubble by telling me that size container is actually meant for a crowd.


To go with the hummus, of course. I use carrots too, but sometimes you just need a cracker. David’s favorites are the Blue Diamond Artisan Nut-Thins. Super crisp and crunchy!

Frozen breakfast sandwiches.

I really love to make a big batch of homemade breakfast sandwiches and heat and eat as needed!
Finally, I’ve been enjoying one of my favorite flavor combos in a great beat-the-heat kind of way!
So delicious. So satisfying. So easy.
The New Primal Beef Jerky
Thanks to the Paleo/primal community, it seems like new jerkies are hitting the market all the time. We like this one in particular for a few reasons: The beef is 100% grass-fed (and the turkey is free-range, if you prefer that), it's sweetened only with pineapple juice and honey, it isn't a sodium bomb, and did we mention that it tastes really good? With 12 grams of protein per ounce, it will keep you going. 

Enjoy Life Not Nuts! Beach Bash Nut Free Seed and Fruit Mix
Prefer a trail mix without nuts, or have a nut allergy? Enjoy Life comes to the rescue, with a mix that includes sunflower and pumpkin seeds paired with dried cranberries, pineapple and apricots. It’s even made in an allergen-free facility.

Kur: The Scandinavian Bite-Size Bar
They’re organic, they have no added sweeteners, they’re chewy and sweet, they come in great flavors—we just love these little bite-size bars. This is not the snack to reach for if you’re starving; they truly are bite-sized. But with a cashew butter and date base, they give you enough of a shot of protein and fiber to be satisfying without weighing you down. The cacao mint is our fave (hello, mint and chocolate combo!), but we won’t turn down a brownie or a coconut cashew if you’re offering.

Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Squeeze Packs
We hear chocolate cravings can hit pretty hard (not that we would know firsthand or anything…). When they do, grab one of these portable packs. They’re filled with the creamiest, chocolatiest hazelnut spread we’ve tasted—and the convenient squeeze pack makes it mess-free, no spoon required. Dip berries into it, or just squeeze it right into your mouth; we wouldn’t judge. If anyone balks, just let them know that hazelnuts have more folate than any other tree nut .

Late July Organic Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips, Purple Corn
Back away from the nachos. Instead, reach for a handful of these bright chips, made from an antioxidant-rich type of heirloom Andean corn. They’re still chips, so portion size is key—but these organic, gluten free crunchers are rich in anthocyanins, the purple pigment thought to be health boosting and protective. 

Green Juice
Yes, I love to enjoy a green juice on a beach day. Make it in the morning, store it in an airtight glass container, pack it in your cooler just like you would pack water (or that margarita mix), and voila. You have your juice with you, even on the road. A new favorite is the Sunshine Citrus Chard Juice — now doesn’t that sound glorious for a beach day?
Raw ones! If you’re wanting a little something sweet on your beach day, make these Reboot-team favorites — Raw Macaroons.  They will stay well and not melt in the sun and they are sure to make that sweet tooth happy.
This plant protein snack is super portable, perfect for coolers and picnic basics. Buy a few bags, or easily make your own. Drain and rinse a can of chickpeas, toss with 1.5 tablespoons of olive oil and roast at 450 degrees F for 30 to 40 minutes, or until crispy. Toss with black pepper, a ¼ teaspoon of salt, and spices of your choice. Try garlic and sage, rosemary and black pepper, or lime juice with cilantro, pepper and chili powder.
Most sandwiches will get soggy or warm after a few hours in the sun. Not so with peanut butter, which it why it is my go-to for a day at the beach. Instead of high-sugar jam or jelly, layer the peanut butter with sliced strawberries or mashed raspberries. Use a whole wheat pita instead of bread to minimize the chance of a soggy sandwich.

Last, but certainly not least, water. Sitting in the sun all day can quickly leave you dehydrated, and when you’re cooling off in a pool or the ocean, you may forget to drink something. . Water should be your drink of choice. Freeze a few water bottles and toss them in your cooler. They’ll help to keep the other foods cold, and will stay chilled long enough for you to enjoy. Bored with plain water? Mix it up with sparkling water, fruit-infused water (like this agua fresca), or homemade unsweetened iced tea.


I always opt for wraps over regular sandwiches when packing lunch for a day at the beach. For one, it's just fun to coil things up in a tortilla or collard leaf. But more importantly, when the fillings are tucked away on the inside, they're better protected — plus wraps are easy to eat with one hand.

Fried chicken
The only thing better than hot and crispy fried chicken, is leftover cold fried chicken the next day. Especially when that "next day" happens to be at the beach. Fried chicken is a summer staple; it holds up well in a cooler, and it's pretty easy to eat without getting mouthfuls of sand.

True, cheese and salami might not be great choices if you're going to be out for hours in the heat of the mid-afternoon. But if you're eating right away or going at sunset, these bites are easy to pack, require no assembly, and can be eaten without utensils.

Lettuce wraps
These may seem overly complicated, but this is our suggestion in lieu of a salad. Wrap up some chopped vegetables or other components in big, oversized leaves of iceberg lettuce. Then wrap in foil, so you can just peel it back and eat.

Don't forget dessert! Cookies are a simple finger food to curb your post-lunch sweet tooth. You won't hear me say this often, but it's probably best to skip anything chocolate to avoid a melty mess.

Because food on skewers is always more fun! Whether you go for fruit, veggies, or meat, kabobs make great beach fare. This is a hands-off (read, sand-free!) meal that's utensil-free and easy to eat, with even easier cleanup.

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