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How to Make a Workout Plan

It's very easy to start working out, but to achieve your desired goals, a blueprint for success must be forged. Read sources & citations if you don't have the time, we have included a workout plan builder app for you to use. For now, prepare to make a plan like the legends in Bodybuilding.
In this article, we will show you how to write a complete workout, nutrition and even supplement plan for ongoing gym success. First up, we're going to explain the main ways of organizing your routine. For example, you can do the 2 body part a day routine, split workout plan (workout every 2 days), or exhaust every body part daily like a chain smoker attempting a one off cross country track.
 Research & decide your routine type and exercises. Once you've figured out the appropriate routine type, research and choose the body parts for your chosen days. For example, on day 1 (Monday) you do a 2 muscle a day routine consisting of chest & triceps exercises.
Write out each exercise's specific sets, repetitions (reps) and if you're advanced, time delay. Note every increase and failures in the plan and work on improving your weaknesses.
To progress in weight with most exercises, start out on 3x12 reps the first week, increase to 3x13 week 2, 3x14 week 3 and 3x15 week 4.
Increase the weight on week 5 and drop the reps back down to 12. For body weight exercises such as pushups and dips, wear a weight vest/belt and add weight.
Continue this pattern for 8-12 weeks in your workout plan and you should see some considerable gains. The longer you keep this up, the bigger you will be.
If you want to build as much strength and tone as possible, however, you should focus on the lower rep range, as this is what will allow you to lift the heaviest amount of weights, and thus see the greatest gains in strength as well as cutting body fat fastest.
Just as if you were training to be a basketball player, you would want to spend a large portion of your training on shooting hoops to increase accuracy and jumping more to increase vertical height; likewise, if you’re hoping to increase your strength, you should focus a large percentage of your time on lifting weights that are as heavy as possible and in the lowest rep range. Furthermore, training in the 8-12 rep range is recommended for hypertrophy training, which will only encourage further muscle growth and tone.
Start a Diet. Unfortunately, over 60% of people who start training quit the 2nd week. This is due to seeing no gains. Fitness experts tell us the facts time and time again but still, it's ignored time and time again. Anyhow, we will stress it one more time. Make a diet. And stick to it. If you're overweight (i.e., endomorphic body type), you must cut your fat intake and glucose (sugar) consumption to near 0%. This means no junk foods high in glucose and sodium (salts). Go for foods high in protein, low in carbohydrates and almost no fat, salt or sugar.
If you're a skinny bloke, this doesn't matter too much, however if you do not minimize sugar intake and fat , you will gain what bodybuilders refer to as dirty bulk. Eat every 2 hours and make it clean and big. This will make you gain clean bulk (muscle), the most desired body.
Optional Supplementation. Supplements are currently at a peak of popularity in today's markets. Some believe they work, some don't. In our opinion, they are supposed to be just as the name intends, to supplement. If you are having a hard time consuming enough protein, carbohydrates, minerals vitamins, essential amino acids etc, only then would I approach supplements.

Choose the Right Workout Clothes

While many people want to look good while they exercise, your workout clothes should be less about fashion and more about comfort and fit. What you wear can impact the success of your workout. Some forms of exercise, such as biking and swimming, will require specific pieces of clothing. For general workouts, it is best to wear something that fits well and keeps you cool. Choose the right workout clothes by considering fabric, fit and comfort.
Choose a fabric that provides wicking. Look for a synthetic fiber that will allow your skin to breathe by wicking--drawing the sweat away from your body. This will help keep your body cool while you exercise. Polyester, Lycra and spandex work well.

Look for clothing that is made from polypropylene. Some lines of workout clothing will contain COOLMAX or SUPPLEX fibers, which can help you manage your body temperature.
Wear cotton if you do not anticipate sweating a lot. Cotton is a soft, comfortable fiber that works well for light workouts, such as walking or stretching. When cotton becomes sweaty, it can feel heavy and cling to your body, so it would not work well for more intense or aerobic activities.
Choose good brand clothes with specific workout technology (not just a generic polyester). Reputable brand clothes such as Nike Dri-Fit are generally of a higher quality than a generic brand.

Getting the clothing to fit well
Pay attention to fit. Depending on your own body image and personal style, you may prefer workout clothing that is loose, and covers most of your body. Or, you might want to wear fitted outfits that allow you to see your muscles and curves as you exercise.
Tailor your attire to the specific activity. If you are running or biking, do not wear long pants that might cause you to trip or get stuck in the pedals. For yoga and Pilates practitioners, avoid clothing that will not move with you during different poses.
Incorporate supportive undergarments into your workout wardrobe. Women should look for a good sports bra that offers support and flexibility, and men will want to look for a protective cup if they are playing contact sports as part of their workouts.

Choosing clothing
Choose clothes that you find attractive. While function and fit are the most important elements, you want to feel good while you are exercising, otherwise you might be tempted to cut your workout short.

Choose clothes according to your needs. Men can wear shorts with t-shirts for workout and women can wear leggings with tops and t-shirts for comfortable workout. People who don’t like shorts can wear workout pants or flair pants for workout in gym.
For winter season you can use to wear full sleeve t-shirts or sweatshirts for workout which helps to keep body warm and give enough comfort.
Buy a few pairs of branded workout clothes in different colors for routine. Don’t use to wear same color daily. Also buy a pair of good sports shoes for workout. You will feel more active in shoes and they also protect your feet from injuries. Buy few pairs of cotton socks.
Wearing the workout clothing
Layer your workout clothes during colder months. If you exercise outdoors, you will want to add a few layers of clothing during the winter, and even during fall and spring if you workout in the early mornings or late evenings. Wear items you can easily discard as your body temperature heats up during your workout.
Wear the appropriate footwear. Runners, tennis players and trainers will want to choose a workout shoe that protects their bodies and boosts performance. Make sure you wear a comfortable athletic shoe that supports your feet and ankles.

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